11 Jul

If you’re awake you can handle this. 

League of legends doesn’t represent any organisation per se. We are merely here to expose truth from various channels and also to reveal the system and history for the benefit of those who realise there’s something big going on. 

It is time to wake up and we hope the information we share (which is all fairly in line with what we have discovered through our research) will help this process. 

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19 Aug

Things are happening and you might find yourself in a pickle if you don’t know what’s going on

Read read read. That’s what it takes I guess. Nobody is going to tell you anything until you open your eyes and start reading, enquiring and looking around you at what exactly is going on.

Derivatives Clearinghouse Failures Could Bring Down International Financial System

Be sure to attend  our event. Big surprises are ahead.

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04 Jul

Things are hotting up all over the world

Well what did they think? Would be able to tolerate the slavery for ever? Nope. I’m afraid not.

Have a look at this article. Wow. Excellent stuff.


Thank you Mr A. for standing your ground!

More to come and look forward to changes in your future too.

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01 Jun

Now here is a good one!

There is so much to learn and so many places we have to link up to the US laws, UK laws, SA laws … it goes on and on …

But alas, somebody’s got to do it so we pick them out, and on this Blog you will see something of everyone. It can be very overwhelming but when I started I would never have believed that I would be able to do things I am doing today. It does take time and a lot of work but I know that it will be worth it all the way …. just an inkling …

Here’s a great video with many good points and ideas. Have a look.

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08 May

The elite got out of the stock market

Well yes, it does take just as much to print a R200 note than it took to print a R10 note.

People think that piece of paper is worth something and represents something of value … but a big surprise is awaiting … there is no value … only perceived value.

This guy is prepared to share this with his congregation!

Guess where REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA is registered.

Share information so that we don’t have another war.

Listen to this.

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