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We are ready to share our journey with you. True liberty lies ahead.

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We have good news and bad news. The good news is, you're about to access true freedom. The bad news is ... there are no short-cuts. You will have to, like every one of us, go through the entire story to attempt to understand that which has been formulated over many generations.

Why do we have membership? Well, at the moment we still need the promissory notes flying all around the world from hand to hand. It seems ridiculous I know, but it is reality. For now we need 'money' to pay for certain services and to help us to help you. Freedom from this will follow naturally.

fade-leftfade-rightOnly US $7.00 per  month. Approximately ZAR 100.00 per month


Instead of being plugged in to NATURE ... you are plugged in to a machine. When you realise that the origin of all information is in  your heart instead of your head ... you will be free.

This knowledge will start you on the journey of truly understanding the technicalities of how you are caught up in the system and what has and can be done about it. There are two sides to the story. Remember we said you are a spiritual being having a physical experience? You need to learn about both. We will expose the full picture on this site ... some in the free section and some in the paid section ... depending on how we are required to work with the information and service/book providers we need to pay for their hard work and contribution.

fade-leftfade-rightOnly US $7.00 per  month. Approximately ZAR 100.00 per month

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