League of Legends exposes the truth in a constructive manner to cause a paradigm shift for humanity in order to collectively collaborate and formulate solutions that will enable us to create a better future.

Proverbs 13:22:  "A good person leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous."

League of Legends

Time for change - TRUE FREEDOM is knocking at your door.

The Financial World is in a Dire Condition and Huge Change is on the Horizon. League of Legends has gathered a wealth of information to show you what happened and how you can make sense of what is to come.

The people who set up this site and gathered this information did so at a high cost - it has given a whole new meaning to the words Blood, Sweat & Tears! The truth revealed through the research that has been conducted over the last 7 years has astounded us. A special thanks to Ben, Occupant of the Executor's Office, for enduring the frustrations, disappointments, joys and successes while his family patiently support him.

The world of commerce and law is complex. To say it is confusing is a gross underestimation, not to even to mention how misunderstood it is!

The Rabbit Hole is Very Deep ... 

Our goal is to expose as much of this system as possible so that more people can understand WHY the system was set up as it is. HOW it started. WHERE did it all go wrong ... if it went wrong. 

Understanding the complexity and gaining the ability to overcome the rules imposed and enforced by others, ordinary people have had to learn, in a short time, what has been formulated over lifetimes.

We will teach you the true meaning of words and concepts and we will reveal to you how the lack of knowledge has kept you chained for generations and generations. Unfortunately the consequences are very serious, but there are those that have now awakened to help neutralise the situation.

Included in the course is the recently published e-book The Origins and Secrets of the South African Reserve bank Exposed by Stephen M Goodson - A MUST read for every truth seeker.

If you don't feel like doing this for yourself, do it for your children and your children's children. Yes, it is that serious.

Consider the fact that you are a spirit having a physical experience ...  If you feel stifled by "the system" and overloaded by the administration that is placed upon your life, eating away at your time and making your existence on this planet exhausting - you are in the right place.

This process brings about an understanding relating to "Who You Are" and how you can apply this knowledge to prove your STATUS when questioned in public forums. Even if you don't need this information right now, going through it will help prepare the way you think, for your and your family's benefit. We will take you from the beginning to the end. Find out what is yours and what is not.

South Africa is one of the most abusive countries in the world when it comes to foreclosures. Thousands of homes are sold at sheriff’s auctions and evictions continue – despite Constitutional Rights and the fact that you legally can't be evicted from your primary residence. These homes are taken by certain entities because home owners lack sufficient knowledge of the law.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil

is for good men to do nothing?"

Edmund Burke

Principals to Achieve Legal Solutions to End Corporate Tyranny!

The principals you will learn on this course are life transforming by nature, irrespective of how  much turmoil the world and its economy may be in.


League of Legends however do not give legal advise but instead support in discovering how the law and commerce works so that better decisions can be made.

This movement is dedicated to Johan Joubert

Johan JoubertThis mission is dedicated to Johan Joubert who spent a large part of his life on this amazing research.


 Thank you to Ben van der Poel who laid out a lot of the information in a sensible way so that more people can comprehend what is going on. Together we can formulate solutions.

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