11 Jul

If you’re awake you can handle this. 

League of legends doesn’t represent any organisation per se. We are merely here to expose truth from various channels and also to reveal the system and history for the benefit of those who realise there’s something big going on. 

It is time to wake up and we hope the information we share (which is all fairly in line with what we have discovered through our research) will help this process. 

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08 Jun

And so today there is a new message and discovery

Man stands at the edge of a precipice. There are two decisions.

  1. You can turn around and fix/change what you have created; or
  2. You can jump into the bed of clouds laying below the edge of the very high cliff and TRUST and have FAITH that you will be guided divinely to doing something completely different.


Sometimes that which is broken can not be fixed.

HOWEVER, there is a chance for a successful transition to a future of freedom if the transition is based on forgiveness, grace, compassion and unity. For too long have we judged each other on the basis of race, creed, status, etc.


We have ALL, and I mean serious ALL come to this life to learn. And we have ALL, and again that means ALL have come to this life to teach. Who is the teacher then, and who is the student when you are both?


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02 Jun

Ok that’s it – you have to know the truth

I have been pondering whether I should post this or not but alas, I have decided it has to be done.

Few people comprehend the truth of how you can change your life. I’m talking about YOUR life – not the world or anyone else.

At the risk of being bombarded with all kids of objections, hehe.

And then there is this …

Am I back in line? 🙂

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05 May

Awake in the Dream released now

If you haven’t seen this you must look at it now.


We can correct all the mistakes from the past by being brave, by practicing ho’oponopono and letting go of all our past erroneous beliefs. And if you need more evidence don’t forget to buy this book to read.

We can do this together but individually … you will comprehend what I mean once you have watched the movie.

Go here and ENJOY!

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