07 Sep

Nothing will change until the money flows

raging water

In the definitions of this world MONEY is referred to as CURRENCY.

It is not the same thing but be that as it may, current can also mean the current that flows through a conductor to a thing which can perform work or provide light. Thus current is a continuous movement, like the flow of electricity (electrons) through a conductor, or the present flow of life (cellular chemical and consciousness activity) through the biological body of the living organism, or creature of the species Homo Sapiens, – the currency or constant occurrence of life at the present moment, the period of time during which life is functional, as between birth and death.

AT THE MOMENT the “current” or “currency” has been dammed up by the “controllers” and therefore the “current” can’t flow and therefor the Homo Sapiens species can not shine like a light on the earthly plane because the “current”/”currency” has been CUT OFF and is being dammed up and therefore “we/Homo Sapiens” are the damned! THE SOLUTION is for the “current” to flow.

Obviously this MONEY is the symbol on the 3D plane but because it has taken place on the 3D plane the “current” that flows from spirit to body has diminished to such an extent that the world has regressed into the ego drive. SOME have realised that MONEY isn’t “current” and therefore have managed to “bypass” the blockage through the recognition of spirit and it is these that are now shining the light and exposing the information so that more can realise where their energy/currency/money/power comes from. It doesn’t come from money. These are the ones that are causing more to wake up and access their TRUE CURRENT from spirit and bring it to this plane to shine the light and break through the wall of the dam so that humanity is no longer the “damned” but the living waters flowing through the universe with love and joy and gratitude. And so the light will shine. The true hu-man being spirit embodied in this world to experience joy, abundance, feeling, emotion, thought and oh so much more.Access the light/power/currency from spirit and let your light shine!

Let me put it another way.

MONEY is the symbol of the CURRENCY that must flow in order for LIFE/LIGHT/ACTIVITY/ABUNDANCE to appear/exist on the 3D plane. Without the FLOW of CURRENCY/MONEY the 3D plane will die – as we see it is. Just like if the SPIRIT/GOD PARTICLE doesn’t FLOW through to the body, the body dies. The body is a CONDUIT for the CURRENCY/SPIRIT to flow through to the earth and back up again to SPIRIT so that life can continue – we need to close the circuit so to speak. MONEY is the most basic currency and the circuit has been broken just like the ‘circuit’ has been broken between consciousness and spirit. The closer you move to spirit the more closed the circuit becomes and the more flow can begin and when that happens everything else will start flowing too. The more hu-mans close the circuit the stronger the current will flow and the stronger the current flows the more it will start showing on the 3D plane and the more MONEY will start flowing. Take hands to let the current flow. Get along … love each other.

The CABLE needs to be repaired and as you know, if just a little portion of the one side of the CABLE can touch the other side of the cable, THE FLOW WILL BEGIN!

Reach out! Touch the “other point” of the cable and let the current flow.

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08 Jun

And so today there is a new message and discovery

Man stands at the edge of a precipice. There are two decisions.

  1. You can turn around and fix/change what you have created; or
  2. You can jump into the bed of clouds laying below the edge of the very high cliff and TRUST and have FAITH that you will be guided divinely to doing something completely different.


Sometimes that which is broken can not be fixed.

HOWEVER, there is a chance for a successful transition to a future of freedom if the transition is based on forgiveness, grace, compassion and unity. For too long have we judged each other on the basis of race, creed, status, etc.


We have ALL, and I mean serious ALL come to this life to learn. And we have ALL, and again that means ALL have come to this life to teach. Who is the teacher then, and who is the student when you are both?


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06 May

Iceland is beating the rest of the world

The question I always ask is “when these banks are fined billions of $s, who do they pay?” How come the fines don’t get paid to the people and used for the people to eliminate the debt that has accumulated because of the non-sense going on.

Check this out

But we don’t want the financial system as it is. We need to change it so that it works as it was designed to. That’s what League of Legends is all about … Educate and apply.

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