The LEAGUE OF LEGENDS book, created by Ben of the House Benvan der Poel is intended to help you get on the road and stay on the road to freedom and independence from corporate tyranny. Part of the information is transactional. Look out and find those things which are transformational because the principles recorded in this course are life transforming by nature, irrespective of how much turmoil the world and its economy may be in. The principles outlined are versatile and flexible. They can be tweaked to suit your every need by making use of your common sense, applied in an un-common way together with your creativity.

YFAdded to the course by Yves is the metaphysical side and lots of information that can simply direct you toward your true self which will cause you to follow your path of destiny. Life is actually simple, but our beliefs make it complex. Sometimes it helps to investigate all the complex things until you are so exhausted that you decide to accept yourself as you are and life as it is and let go of it all and follow your bliss! This is when things happen for you … this is when you wonder what happened and what you did to bring all this luck your way. When in fact it is merely the act of letting go and accepting yourself fully that the signature vibration of your being is in alignment with your physical being and you are on the path to the beautiful future you deserve to have.


As you read through each page you will see that there are words that are underlined. You can mouse over the word and you will find the Blacks Law Dictionary description giving the legalese meaning of the word. There will be videos to watch and sometimes web pages to link to and downloads. We strongly suggest you do all these with each page you receive as they will enhance your understanding of information to come. Sometimes they may seem silly but please know that we have taken a lot of care and have done a lot of work to enhance understanding. Each page will be released to you with a delay depending on when you joined- the delay is usually 7 days so that you have a week to go through the section/page you are on. This will enhance your progress dramatically. We have put the delay there to provide you with enough time to study each section thoroughly so that you don’t become overwhelmed. It is easy to become overwhelmed and we encourage you to communicate with us. We have been through the emotions and we can support you. You can either comment on the page – only members will see your comments. Or you can contact us via the contact form. Be patient with yourself. Just digest what you get each week. Mostly your questions will be answered with the next section you get. We will inform you if you are jumping the gun to help you.

Right! Let the games begin.

A little note from Trevor Toerien who has been on this path for a while already.

Please maintain an open minded approach to the information because most of the information captured is not available in usual text books. This information is a condensed culmination and powerful blend of principles which come from the practical experience and application of a vast array of highly successful People, teachers and mentors from all over the world.

Allow what you read to challenge your beliefs and conventional practices and you will reap more benefits than the written words this course can ever express. The author is of the opinion that conventional wisdom doesn’t work and it never has, for it if did you would not have the need to be reading this collection of powerful principles.

Expanding the mind

In this course you will be introduced to:

  • Insights of how the thinking processes of sovereign People differ from that of most People.
  • What the real purpose and meaning of money is.
  • A comprehension of who and what you are as well as your jurisdiction and authority as a Wo/Man.
  • That your beliefs shape your reality, what you sow you will reap and thus you are the shaper of your success.
  • Comprehension of your unlimited ability to effectively settle any financial liability.
  • Easy to adapt templates for your use.
  • The Universal and Natural Law of the Universe, the Law of Cause and Effect, action-reaction is always in motion and comprehend that you will always reap the fruits of your labour, yes, even your in-action will bear fruits. It is an inescapable Law.

The process required to win the monopoly money game will most certainly start with the application of these simple, yet powerful principles. These principles will become easier to perform as your mindset develops because of the transformational nature of the information presented to you.

Use the information in this course over and over in your continuous self-development efforts because this is a condensed set of power principles and other important yet related subjects in the matter of attaining freedom and independence.

The author includes free bonus complimentary educational materials which fall outside the direct scope of this course as part of a comprehensive awareness creation process. The bonus materials are sources of information you are urged to take full advantage of because it will increase your insight and wisdom whic hwill affect and strengthen the foundation on which you will build your own destiny.

By Trevor Toerien

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