I thank The Creator for allowing these ideas to use me as the conduit through which the information can flow to you the reader. Over a long period of time I have studied the teachings from many world-famous and masterful teachers. I have been blessed with the information that I received and gathered from them all. I'm greatly indebted to and wish to thank these wonderful mentors, coaches and teachers for the wisdom and insight gained from their seminars, webinars, books, websites, videos and emails.


Thank you to late Veterinary Dr. Johan Joubert for dedicating his life to his share of this amazing research. "You are our hero". Started in 2008 by Dr. Johan Joubert and due to continuous research the information in this course is under continuous evolvement as more facts are uncovered.


I remember Bob Proctor saying “I have license to brag with everything I say because none of it is mine” Allow me to say the same about the information in this course because I didn‟t think up all these powerful principles. I just recognized it, recorded and reorganized it into something usable for myself which I will now share with you. This is a culmination of transactional and transformational information which will provide you with a new and clear comprehension, new thinking and new actions about the process to legally escape from corporate tyranny. This collection of transformational information will shorten your learning curve and speed up your ability to be effective

Thanks to the editors of the information in this course for also contributing to the factual correctness of thereof, thank you to the reader for any contributions you may have made. Without the love, effort and support of everyone involved in the construction of this course none of what you see here would have been possible.


I always say 80% of your success is SHOWING UP and therefore I thank you the "student" for showing up to study it. The way you do anything is the way you do everything, therefore I thank you that you have taken and invested the time in yourself. Do not just jump in boots and all only to find out later that you are standing on quicksand, it is essential that you fully comprehend this information, meaning you may need to read it in part or in whole a few times, mistakes and ignorance will be the cause of failure. A litmus test to your own comprehension is to teach someone else and when they get it you will have it. Only when you fully comprehend and feel comfortable with this information, make use of the information you read by taking dedicated time and purposeful action and fulfill my life purpose by fulfilling your life's purpose.