04 Apr

The Biggest Leak Ever!

If you think conspiracy theorists are crazy and you can’t get your head around what they are saying, reality has just struck. You simply can’t ignore this anymore.

If you can, and feel brave enough, you need to share these posts far and wide. Hopefully more people will join League of Legends as we pluck out the feathers to bare the goose-bump flesh hiding all this from the world.

Everything will be exposed. The time is here. So relax, sit back and enjoy the show … uhm, unless you have an urge to help?

“In recent years, government investigations have centered on how major banks are used to move, hide, and launder money by the wealthy. But the new Panama Papers trove shows the role of often-overlooked lawyers and incorporation agents in the process. The results of the yearlong investigation encompass 214,488 corporate entities – among them companies, trusts, and foundations –controlled by everyone from heads of state, politicians, Forbes-listed billionaires, to drug lords, businesses blacklisted by the US government, scammers, and FIFA officials. There’s a common thread between members of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, the man who laundered money from a record-setting robbery in the U.K., and a drug trafficker convicted of killing a U.S. DEA agent: They have all used companies created by Mossack Fonseca.”

First read this … click here

Then this Click here to read the full article.

Is South Africa involved? I guess … click here for more on this one.

Oh man … it’s all over the place! What do they say again? Google it!

Stay Safe!

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